Marco Orlandi

Marco Orlandi | Operations & Product Innovation Manager – Media & Advertising | Grandi Stazioni Retail

Marco Orlandi has over 20 years of experience in Digital Media and innovation. In 1996, he achieved a Master’s degree in Electronics and TLC Engineering at the Politecnico University in Milan. Starting with a thesis on distance learning, he reached a large experience on video-conferencing projects in education, banking and corporate markets.

In 2001 he was involved in his first DOOH project, working for the Milan Underground Transport System. Since then he continued to operate in the Digital Signage market, leading some of the most advanced projects for Advertising, Retail, Transportation, Banking, Healthcare, Events and Broadcasting organizations.

In 2012, he joined Grandi Stazioni ( Now Grandi Stazioni Retail, after 2016 1B€  privatization) with the mission to implement a new vision for the internal advertising business .
Since then, he designed and managed a new advertising digital environment for the major 14 rail station in Italy. The GSR DOOH network includes  more than 600 digital screens, 140 interactive kiosks , 20 Giant Billboards and two iconic digital dominations in Milan and Rome Station.

The GSR data platform measures data coming from screens , cameras, 3rd parties footfall data, retail sales and other digital touch points, using all the gathered information to enhance the product value, positioning the DOOH product on TV , digital /Web and Programmatic  adv market.

Inside  Iab Italy,he’s member of a technical committee  with the goal to define guidelines and standards for the programmatic sales of out of home advertising.