Ke-Quang Nguyen-Phuc

Ke-Quang Nguyen-Phuc | CEO | Quividi

Ke-Quang NGUYEN-PHUC is the CEO of Quividi, the global leading provider of Audience Analytics and Interactivity for DOOH. ¬†Quividi counts the “views” in the real world and allows the self-creation of content optimized for attention. Its solutions count today a traffic of 1B+ people every month in 80+ countries and have been used in award-winning campaigns.

Ke-Quang spent his earlier career in the Semiconductor industry, developing advanced System-on-a-Chips, before co-founding CRFTech (acquired AKM Japan), a French Silicon Intellectual Property vendor.

Ke-Quang holds a Master of Engineering from ESIEE-Paris and graduated from the INSEAD International Executive Program.